Deceased members

John Azzarone

Gary Bardi

William Bennett

Edward Beyer

Peter Anthony Borchester Sr.

Rev. Norman Britton

Warren Brenner

Landon Conaty**

Mitchell Conaty**

Alfred Crincoli

Peter Dagnes

Russell Dezendorf

Thomas Eastwood

Geroge Farrington

Joseph Fay

Frank Gerard

Edward Hackelberg

F.G. Harrington

William Hartman

John Heayn

Ed Holgate

Norman Howell

Gordon Hunter

Dan Inglis Jr.

Dan Inglis Sr.

Nick Juliano**

Dennis Laureigh

William Ludescher

Don MacGillivary

Donald MacGillivary Sr

William McCullough

Charlie McDonough

Fr. John Negrotto

George Oehme

Charles Paulikas

Kevin Perrone

Mervin Pettit

Anthony Pfister

Edward Reineke

Fred Rupp

Bob Sabat

Nicholas Salsoulia

Frank Scanlon

Otto Schendel

George Selletti

Robert Shepard

Dan Simpson

Gary Smith

William Smith Sr.

Joseph Stucy

John Szafranski Sr.

Jim Tweed

Dave Wagner

Bob Wolke

Earl Wilson

Don Winn

** Denotes Honorary Member

The Lanoka Volunteer Fire Company provides fire suppression and rescue services as well as fire prevention activities to the Lanoka Harbor section of Lacey Twp. We also provide mutual aid into our neighboring section of Forked River, as well as other municipalities within Ocean County.
Mailing Address
Lanoka Harbor Vol. Fire Company #1
PO Box 8
Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734

Physical Address

Lanoka Harbor Vol. Fire Company #1
2 Warren Ave
Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734
Phone & mail
  • 1-609-693-4998
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